We all go through difficult stages in our lives and in our relationships. You might have been through tough times before, but what you’re dealing with now is different. It’s more painful, unexpected, and you feel uncertain about how you’ll get through it. What worked for you in the past to manage everything isn’t working this time. You really want to feel better and you think you might need some help to get there.


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You'd really like to find a therapist who gets it and can help with your specific problems. Finding the right therapist is really important, so I try to help you make that decision by giving you lots of information about what therapy with me might be like.


Why work with me?


I'm Abby, and I help couples find more connection, security, and intimacy in their relationships. Often my work involves helping women and couples navigate the stressful, often painful, aspects of fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum. I love to help people work through these struggles and come out the other side feeling stronger, more hopeful, and more connected to each other.

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My Specialities:

Couples Therapy

Poor communication, busy schedules, big transitions, and different sex drives can all take a toll on your relationship. Couples therapy can help you reconnect, learn new tools for communicating and managing stress, and create more intimacy and closeness.

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Stress, Anxiety, and Perfectionism

You struggle with super high expectations for yourself and constantly feel like you’re a mess. You compare yourself to those around you and usually feel like you’re not good enough. You have too much going on in your life and don’t know how to keep everything going. Therapy can help you make changes, both internally and externally.

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Pregnancy and Postpartum

If you're finding yourself overwhelmed, anxious, or depressed while pregnant or postpartum, you're not alone. So many women struggle during these stages, don't feel like themselves, and wonder if it will ever get better. Therapy can help you feel better and take good care of yourself during this sensitive time.

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Learn More About Who I Am

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist specializing in helping couples, families, and individuals improve their emotional and relational health. Together, my clients and I focus on strengthening and healing relationships; increasing insight, resiliency, and ability to regulate emotions; and finding more meaning, joy, and gratitude in life.

I have over ten years of experience providing therapy in various settings, including working with couples in private practice, children and families involved in foster care and adoption, and students in college counseling centers- most recently at the Syracuse University Counseling Center.

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